Talent training landing management

In 2013, Jiangsu Dihao Decoration Co., Ltd., in order to continuously improve the technical and business level of the new generation and provide sufficient reserve force for enterprise development, made the reserve of reserve talents an important topic for the company's development, and vigorously implemented the strategy of mentoring and cultivating talents. On the afternoon of March 30, 2013, a signing ceremony for the master apprentice contract was held in the company's conference room.


Lie on the hardships, taste the courage, and dare to be the first

In recent years, the decoration industry has developed rapidly, with the total output value increasing at an astonishing rate every year, and the prospects are promising. However, many industry insiders still lament that the market is difficult to do. With the gradual maturity and standardization of the decoration industry, as well as changes in the macro environment, the continuous rise in raw material prices, and increasingly fierce industry competition, these factors are gradually becoming bottlenecks for the development of decoration enterprises.


Brand Rise and Sustainable Development of Enterprises

I am entrusted by President Wang of the Nantong Decoration and Decoration Industry Association (Chamber of Commerce) and invited by Mr. Li of Nantong Shicheng Decoration to discuss with everyone how decoration enterprises can become specialized, strong, big, and long-lasting.


Emperor Hao Successfully Listed and Listed

At this beautiful moment of auspicious snow and welcoming the new year, Jiangsu Dihao Decoration Co., Ltd. welcomes friends from all over the world, brotherly business partners, and leaders at all levels who have been caring and helping the company. We are here to witness the grand ceremony of "Dihao Decoration" listing on the Tianjin Stock Exchange! On behalf of the board of directors and 2000 employees of Jiangsu Dihao Decoration Co., Ltd., I would like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to the guests present at the celebration site!


Passion soars and who competes - "Dongbao Cup 2013 Nantong Decoration and Decoration Industry Badminton Competition"

The Feather Blossom Flying Competition opens, the racket exudes prestige, waves its arm to release friendship, claps its hands in bursts of thunder, and the sound of cheering is deafening, sweating and falling hard. The youth of the competition cannot be stopped, and Feather Blossom expresses her emotions. Let's experience the charm of sports with the passion bestowed by life!


Summary of National Excellent Evaluation for Interior Decoration Engineering of Rugao Jinling Jinding Hotel

On the evening of September 3, 2013, a team led by China National Decoration Association, along with representatives from the same province and their national quality evaluation experts, arrived at the Jinding Hotel in Jinling, Rugao. Chairman Wang of the Nantong Decoration Industry Association (Chamber of Commerce), along with the Chairman of Jiangsu Dihao Decoration Co., Ltd., the Chief Engineer's Office, the Engineering Department, and others, participated in the reception.

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