Passion soars and who competes - "Dongbao Cup 2013 Nantong Decoration and Decoration Industry Badminton Competition"

The Feather Blossom Flying Competition opens, the racket exudes prestige, waves its arm to release friendship, claps its hands in bursts of thunder, and the sound of cheering is deafening, sweating and falling hard. The youth of the competition cannot be stopped, and Feather Blossom expresses her emotions. Let's experience the charm of sports with the passion bestowed by life!

On the morning of October 27th, 10 contestants from our company, led by company leaders, went to the Badminton Hall of Nantong Vocational University to participate in the "Dongbao Cup 2013 Nantong Decoration Industry Badminton Competition". At 9 a.m., the badminton competition officially opened under the auspices of Wang Guangyin, President of the Nantong Decoration Industry Association (Chamber of Commerce). The competition features five events: men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles, using a knockout system of three sets with two wins. A total of 6 teams from various decoration companies participated in the competition. With the joint efforts of the event organizers and participants, the competition proceeded in an orderly manner, and the ranking of each event was also settled accordingly. The contestants have well adhered to the principle of 'friendship first, competition second' "The principle of team cooperation has been greatly promoted and carried forward. It tells us that the strength of a team is infinite, and what is the highest level of a team? It is the centripetal force of all members and the high concentration of cohesion Limited, only by integrating oneself into the collective can one maximize one's potential and realize personal value

At the end of the fierce competition, after being evaluated by the national professional judges, various rankings were showcased among various companies. Our company was awarded the "Dongbao Cup 2013 Nantong Decoration Industry Badminton Competition Excellent Organization Award" and also won the first place in women's singles. Many people believe that badminton matches are one-on-one and cannot be said to be about unity and dedication. Although it is a competition between opponents, what is more important is mutual cooperation. It is also the selfless dedication of the cheerleading team and logistics, working together against other groups, and demonstrating the importance of collective unity and dedication.

Through the game, our body and mind are happy. play badminton requires us to make judgments on the rapidly changing ball path in a short period of time, which can exercise our reaction ability and speed. At the same time, badminton is also an educational activity. In the game, it is not good to rely only on the brute force smash of the brain swing. It needs to use our brains. Before hitting, we should make correct judgments on the opponent's actions, which benefits from our adaptability, This has a significant impact on our learning and daily life, enabling us to handle the problems that arise more comprehensively and thoughtfully, and making our minds more calm and mature. We have been trained and improved from various aspects.

Through the competition, the positive and collaborative spirit between companies was demonstrated, enriching their leisure cultural life. We believe that the implementation of this event can attract more enterprises and individuals to participate in the sport of badminton, and help everyone establish a healthy and positive lifestyle.

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