Lie on the hardships, taste the courage, and dare to be the first

In recent years, the decoration industry has developed rapidly, with the total output value increasing at an astonishing rate every year, and the prospects are promising. However, many industry insiders still lament that the market is difficult to do. With the gradual maturity and standardization of the decoration industry, as well as changes in the macro environment, the continuous rise in raw material prices, and increasingly fierce industry competition, these factors are gradually becoming bottlenecks for the development of decoration enterprises.

As a pioneer and witness of the development of the decoration industry, as well as a decision-maker of enterprises, I deeply feel that there is a long way to go. In today's environment, there are generally three difficulties that constrain the development of decoration enterprises:

1. Difficulty in accepting projects: Although the decoration industry is becoming increasingly mature, it is still not perfect enough. The threshold for industry competition is low, and the market is increasingly segmented and specialized. The decoration industry has entered an era of low profit, where the weak eat the strong, and the fittest can only be eliminated.

2. Difficulty in project management: The operation of a project itself is a complex and complex process, with transparency in material prices, rising labor costs, tight schedules, high expectations from owners, and potential risks being objective factors that make project control difficult. Subjectively speaking, the quality of cost and profit control during the project construction process, as well as the ability of management personnel, directly affect the promotion of the project and even the development of the enterprise.

3. Difficulty in fund recovery: The payment terms of project contracts have become an important factor in whether a project can win the bid, and many contracts face the risk of partial or even full prepayment. In addition, the slow progress of project completion acceptance and final accounting audit work is hindering the development of enterprises due to the shortage of funds.

How to overcome the difficulties in the operation process of decoration enterprises and break through the bottleneck of enterprise development? Becoming a major challenge for many decoration enterprise bosses.

Jiangsu Dihao Decoration Co., Ltd. is precisely in this context, seizing the opportunity and implementing the scientific development concept. Self summarizing, brainstorming, and daring to innovate have successfully developed a new model for enterprise development.

1、 Pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, deepening internal reform of enterprises

The company should timely transform its business mechanism, change its business concept, and formulate its development strategy based on its own reality. Firstly, the company's leadership team and all employees form a consensus, actively exploring new ideas and methods for deepening the reform of the enterprise, and formulating practical and feasible reform plans. The company has deepened the original "Project Manager Assessment Responsibility System", refined the assessment content, and increased the assessment intensity. Regularly and irregularly conduct project inspections, promptly hold meetings to study and propose rectification suggestions and implementation plans for any issues found during the project inspection process. In combination with the personnel system and the implementation of an employment system, based on the principle of efficiency and efficiency, all management personnel will first register for public competition, and then the general manager will issue an employment letter based on the competition results and evaluation opinions, with a probationary period of three months. At the same time, supervision and assessment will be carried out on employed cadres, and a system of elimination from the bottom, yellow card warning, and resignation will be implemented successively; In terms of labor employment, all cadres and employees are placed on the same starting line for equal competition, and optimized combinations are implemented layer by layer. The project department and employees have a two-way choice. Implement job waiting for laid-off employees in combination, arrange temporary work, and organize centralized training; In terms of distribution, engineering benefits have always been directly linked to wages and bonuses. Starting from the actual situation of the enterprise, we will implement a job skill level salary system, with salary distribution biased towards positions with high technical requirements, high labor responsibility and intensity, and towards positions on the project front line. Wages and bonuses are distributed based on quality and quantity to form a distribution base, which is then closely linked to various work achievements and the effective labor of each individual. Rewards and punishments for the good and punishments for the bad are given, and more workers receive more, breaking the "big pot rice" situation. The change of management positions ensures that salaries change with positions, fundamentally reflecting the principle of distribution according to work.

In daily management and office work, the company focuses on the construction of enterprise information technology, introduces OA automated office systems, EIP management systems, abstracts collaborative management behavior into elements such as "roles, events, processes, and results", establishes a people-oriented role-driven mechanism, uses processes as navigation, and adopts a "finding people for things" working method, thereby improving the multiple perspectives of cross department, cross region, and dynamic teams, Further improve management efficiency.

2、 Building a solid foundation and taking the path of brand development

With the development of the economy, people are increasingly valuing brands when purchasing things, and the decoration industry is no exception. So how do you build your own brand? Firstly, being a business is like being a person. To cultivate oneself, one must balance "talent, appearance, and morality". To shape a brand, one must also possess "quality, taste, and character". Quality is equivalent to talent, and products and technology are its backing; Taste is equivalent to appearance, and culture and talent are its core; Character is equivalent to morality, and responsibility and morality are its fundamental principles. However, 'no sincerity, no substance', 'no reality, no standing', and 'sincerity' is a major direction towards the path of a brand! Secondly, only integrity is not enough. A little knowledge cannot solve engineering problems, so it is necessary to build a professional management team. This is reflected in the standardization of work processes and the professionalization of engineering construction. Thirdly, to establish a brand, we also need to care about customers, help them solve urgent problems, propose reasonable suggestions, and prioritize customer concerns. Fourthly, customers usually not only care about your company's capabilities, but also about your company's development prospects. Is there any potential for development? Can we provide customers with long-term and sustained high-quality services?

Emgrand Decoration adheres to the above standards of integrity, professionalism, and efficiency, with high industry standards as the mirror, owner reputation as the mirror, and social value as the mirror. The company takes "strengthening intensive management, optimizing enterprise structure, and building a decoration enterprise with core competitiveness" as its development strategy, and "prioritizing efficiency, standardized management, innovative design, and excellent construction" as its work policy. It continuously strengthens its own construction in its work, Absorbing and integrating new technologies from the decoration industry, on the basis of continuous improvement, we aim to create the "Emgrand" brand and provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality services. Since its establishment, the company has obtained numerous international management system certifications. So far, multiple projects participated in by the company have won the highest national engineering award "Luban Award" and the "National Building Decoration Award" from the China Building Decoration Association, with an annual output value of over 500 million yuan. In 2010, he was promoted to the first level qualification for decoration and decoration engineering design and construction. He plans to be successfully listed on the Tianjin Stock Exchange by the end of December 2012.

3、 Triggered by the trigger, promoting enterprise restructuring, transformation and upgrading

The Chinese economy has been in a sustained and rapid development state for a long time, and the decoration industry has also shown characteristics of diversification, diversification, and rapid development across regions, making this industry a new growth point for the entire national economy. As a leading enterprise in the decoration industry, the company delves into the development trends of the decoration industry and actively grasps market trends. The company has taken the first step in structural transformation within the industry, proposing the concept of "decoration integration", which means factory production and assembly construction to form a diversified, integrated, and all-round development of the decoration industry chain. The company has invested in a subsidiary enterprise, Rugao Jinling Hotel, with a total investment of 400 million yuan; Jiangsu Dihao Wood Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 15 million yuan and an annual processing of over 50000 square meters of finished wood veneer. In recent years, the company has once again expanded its scale on the basis of its previous industry, and has established multiple subsidiaries such as Nantong Dihao Textile Decoration Co., Ltd., Nantong Jingsheng Building Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinxi Art Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Dihao Decoration International Design Center, which have received great attention from many decoration enterprises and customers. The Emperor Hao Decoration Culture and Creative Industry Park, which is currently under construction, is planned to be located in the eastern section of Renmin Road. The ultimate goal of this project is to build a multi-functional, innovative, and international decoration culture industry base. The annual sales revenue is nearly 1 billion yuan, and the contracted engineering output value exceeds 3 billion yuan, achieving profits and taxes of several hundred million yuan. The Emgrand Decoration Cultural Creative Park will integrate various industries such as decoration design, construction organization, engineering consulting, engineering management, material distribution, research and development, soft decoration, art exhibition, model room experience hall, etc., with various functions such as research and development, investment, incubation, etc.

The Emgrand Decoration Cultural and Creative Park will follow the basic principles of "enterprise operation, policy support, industry concentration, and functional improvement", and fully utilize the advantages of Emgrand Company in content provision, brand influence, professional resources, domestic influence, and other aspects through the "incubation+investment" operation model. With national and local policy support as the support, entrepreneurial investment as the tool, and professional incubator management services as the means, Through resource integration and advantage integration, efforts will be made to create four major platforms, making the Decorative Cultural Creative Park the most culturally innovative atmosphere, investment attractive, enterprise development space, and humanistic vitality emerging cultural industry base.

The tireless emperors and nobles, relying on their arduous qualities of enduring hardships and pioneering spirit, have explored their own way of survival in the increasingly fierce market environment. I believe that in the near future, the emperors will surely write a more colorful chapter!

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Lie on the hardships, taste the courage, and dare to be the first

In recent years, the decoration industry has developed rapidly, with the total output value increasing at an astonishing rate every year, and the prospects are promising. However, many industry insiders still lament that the market is difficult to do. With the gradual maturity and standardization of the decoration industry, as well as changes in the macro environment, the continuous rise in raw material prices, and increasingly fierce industry competition, these factors are gradually becoming bottlenecks for the development of decoration enterprises.