Summary of National Excellent Evaluation for Interior Decoration Engineering of Rugao Jinling Jinding Hotel

On the evening of September 3, 2013, a team led by China National Decoration Association, along with representatives from the same province and their national quality evaluation experts, arrived at the Jinding Hotel in Jinling, Rugao. Chairman Wang of the Nantong Decoration Industry Association (Chamber of Commerce), along with the Chairman of Jiangsu Dihao Decoration Co., Ltd., the Chief Engineer's Office, the Engineering Department, and others, participated in the reception.

On the morning of September 4th, the evaluation experts and our company's attendees entered the evaluation meeting room on time and began the evaluation of the Jinding Hotel in Jinling, Rugao. The meeting was chaired by the expert review team leader, Mr. Xiong. Mr. Xiong first read out the review agenda to all participants: project representative reporting on the project → exclusive interview (owner representative reporting) → project on-site review → engineering data review → engineering summary and evaluation, which is divided into five stages.

1、 Project representative reports project overview

(Reported by: Project Director Zuo Songde, Project Manager Yuan Yulian). Mr. Zuo and Mr. Yuan provided a systematic report on the project to the attendees through a PowerPoint presentation:

(1) Project Overview

1. Project Name: Interior Decoration Project of Rugao Jinling Jinding Hotel

2. Project address: Intersection of Haiyang South Road and Jiefang Road in Rugao City (north side of Rugao Municipal Government)

3. Construction unit: Rugao Jinding Hotel Management Co., Ltd

4. Project scale: The total construction area reaches 37868.57 meters ² , Frame shear structure

5. Project Scope: Building A has a total of 17 floors and 189 guest rooms. The first floor is mainly used for lobby, Western restaurant, Japanese cuisine, etc. The second floor is mainly used for private rooms, la carte restaurant, and other catering areas. The third floor is mainly used for banquet halls, multi-functional conference halls, and conference rooms of various sizes. The fourth to ninth floors are modern style guest room areas. The tenth to fifteenth floors are luxurious guest room areas in a simple European style. The sixteenth and seventeenth floors are respectively administrative lounges and presidential suites. The total indoor decoration area is 26000 meters ²

6. Project start and end dates: May 10th, 2011- November 10th, 2011

(2) Key and difficult points of construction:

The first floor lobby and rotating staircase of the project are key quality areas. Due to the fact that the ground of the first floor lobby is a mosaic floor and the rotating staircase is paved with stone, we directly selected the stones from the Fujian Shuitou stone supply market and sent them to a professional stone processing factory in Shanghai for processing. The project department sent professional personnel to the factory for tracking and pre layout during processing to ensure the quality of the stones. The stones were numbered and on-site construction was carried out according to the numbering, During the construction, operators with good stone paving techniques were selected to carry out the construction, ensuring the quality of large area stone mosaic flooring and staircase stone, becoming a highlight of the project.

With the favorable situation in the hotel industry, every investment unit needs to be effectively controlled in terms of decoration time, cost, and environmental protection. During the decoration process, new construction techniques such as off-site processing and on-site installation of wood veneers are also an inevitable trend facing the industry. They effectively adapt to the development and application requirements of new building materials, prevent on-site processing, and reduce environmental pollution caused by on-site paint construction, Simultaneously meeting the requirements of modern design.

(3) The use of new engineering materials and processes

1. The factory production of finished wood veneers has greatly improved the quality of decoration: all equipment and environments in the factory are designed for the production of wood veneers, and the paint effect produced by dust-free paint rooms and infrared paint rooms is incomparable to on-site construction. Customized wood veneer products based on on-site dimensions will fit well with the site, making better use of the on-site space. Factory production adopts standardized and serialized component assembly production processes, which are strictly monitored to ensure stable product quality. The relative humidity in the southern summer is relatively high, so wooden decoration is prone to deformation and swelling. Factory operation effectively solves this problem

2. Application of Chevrolet Plate: The HVAC system and decoration requirements of this project require the use of new material Chevrolet plate for the air supply outlet to replace the traditional aluminum strip air outlet. In addition, the new carving processing technology effectively ensures a simple European style design, and the application of its material completely solves the problems of deformation and aluminum air outlet mismatch caused by temperature changes in the air supply outlet. It is also an innovation in the use of materials in this project. Chevrolet board, also known as PVC expansion sheet and Andy board. PVC is used as the main raw material, added with foaming agent, flame retardant and anti-aging agent, and extruded with special equipment. The application of this new material is mainly in the side air supply outlets of the lobby, the flat air supply outlets of the multi-functional hall and banquet hall, with the aim of effectively ensuring that the air outlets do not deform and achieving a simple European design style.

2、 Exclusive interview (report by the owner's representative)

All construction personnel are evading, and the owner's representative unilaterally reports on the construction quality, coordination and cooperation, construction period, safety measures, construction management, and maintenance issues during the construction process.

3、 On site review:

(1) Check the route

From top to bottom: executive lounge, presidential suite, simple European style rooms, modern style rooms, banquet hall, multifunctional hall, conference area; Representative functional areas such as catering areas, lobby bars, lobbies, and Western restaurants are reviewed one by one, and photos are taken to obtain relevant evaluation criteria.

(2) Inspection content

Covering two parts of decoration and installation, the installation part separately extracts some maintenance openings, and uses a ladder to suspend the ceiling to take photos and videos of the bathroom's waterproofing, pipeline laying, lighting wiring specifications, whether metal hoses are used, and whether there are any exposed phenomena. Special measuring tools are used to check and take photos of the socket wiring method, and to check whether the hand switch socket is loose And disassemble some of the lighting switches to check for junction boxes, normal grounding, and hygiene conditions; Check if the sockets and switches are installed on carpets and wooden veneers with added fireproof cushions, whether the installation of the basin under the platform is standardized and firm, and whether the inner opening is painted. In terms of decoration, the opening direction of the hidden fire doors has been checked to see if it is correct and whether the interior and perimeter of the fire box are sealed and aesthetically pleasing; Checked whether the hinge installation of the door leaf is standardized and the method is correct, whether the upper and lower openings of the door leaf are painted, and whether the door seam meets the specification requirements; Whether the carpet edge treatment is beautiful and flat; Is the seam and flatness of the wallpaper visible to the naked eye within 1000mm in accordance with the specifications; Is there any cracking on the suspended ceiling; Checked the bathroom wall stones for any empty strands; Whether there is hollowing phenomenon in the large area of ground stones, inspection was conducted on the joint treatment of wall and column stones, as well as the aesthetic issues of different finishes. The focus was on checking the waterproof construction of the bathroom, whether there is any leakage, compliance inspection was conducted on the safety of guardrails in public places, and the standardization of stair steps was also measured and checked. At the same time, whether there are passages for disabled people and sanitation facilities for disabled people in public places were also inspected; During the process inspection, the focus is also on checking functional use and safety, whether there are major hazards, and structural safety, such as the load and test data of large lighting fixtures, whether there are hidden dangers in the structure due to the placement of major equipment, systematic inspection of the installation of large glass structures and the detection of tempered glass, whether the treatment of deformation joints meets regulatory requirements, and whether the installation of wooden veneers is square, soft, and The construction process requirements for hard packaging are also checked and photographed one by one. The water knife stitching on the lobby floor focuses on checking the construction process, mirror treatment requirements and skills such as paving gaps and flatness.

4、 Data review

(1) Review of legal engineering materials

1. The valid company business license, qualification certificate, safety production permit, project manager architect certificate, and safety B certificate of the construction unit;

2. Does the project have a project construction permit, letter of acceptance, project construction contract, completion acceptance report, fire acceptance report, environmental testing report, and proof of structural change (if any).

(2) Review of construction process data

1. The concealment, inspection batch, inspection report, retest report, and technical disclosure of main materials such as stone, wood veneer, waterproofing, water-based coatings, and lighting fixtures were inspected one by one. 2. Water supply pipeline pressure test; 3. Drainage pipeline irrigation test; 4. Water supply test for sanitary ware; 5. Inspection of inspection reports and retest reports for materials such as dry hanging parts, wood veneer adhesive, angle iron, channel steel, expansion bolts, glass, etc. 6. Load test records for large lighting fixtures. 7. The review of construction organization design mainly includes basic contents such as preparation basis, project overview, construction deployment, construction progress plan, construction preparation and resource allocation plan, main construction methods, construction site layout, and main construction management plan.

(2) Review of as-built drawings

The as-built drawings are bound into volumes, stamped with the as-built seal, clearly labeled, and the as-built drawings of the main parts are consistent with the actual situation. The steel structure node diagram of the stone dry hanging has been specially reviewed.

5、 Engineering Review

Finally, the three evaluation experts summarized the Rugao Jinling Jinding Hotel project constructed by our company from several aspects, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Firstly, the design of the Rugao Jinling Jinding Hotel project is quite innovative, incorporating a simple European style wine

The store design is well executed, with a European style sense of luxury while not making people feel cumbersome. It has a bright, layered, and concise material combination that is easy to use, while showcasing the highlights and characteristics of the hotel's design one by one.

2. From a macro perspective, this project is durable and overall feels grand, full, and stylish, while from a micro perspective

Upon inspection, there were no major defects, and performance techniques were employed. New materials and processes were used, with highlights and a certain level of technological content. The construction methods were advanced, and the material performance of the product was environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and green.

3. When the construction difficulty is high, the mosaic of the lobby floor, elliptical stone stairs and handrails

The construction techniques of wood veneer, soft and hard packaging, and gold foil are very precise, and the processing dimensions are accurate.

4. The use of a new material "Chevrolet board" to replace the traditional aluminum air vent in this project is just the right way to

The shortcomings of aluminum alloy air vents have been compensated for, while adding elements of minimalist decoration.

5. This project uses a large number of gypsum lines, which are well crafted, with clear lines and tight joints,

The construction quality is no less than that of GRG finished lines, fundamentally and effectively controlling capital investment.

6. The project only took about 5 months to complete in such a short period of time

The large-scale five-star hotel decoration project is rare in the decoration industry, fully proving the comprehensive strength of Jiangsu Dihao Decoration Co., Ltd., reflecting the rich construction experience of five-star hotels in project construction, and being very effective in construction organization, management coordination, labor allocation, material procurement, and other aspects. At the same time, it cannot be separated from the process participation of a deepening design team.

Through five stages of review, the entire process of national excellence evaluation for the interior decoration project of Rugao Jinling Jinding Hotel has been completed.

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