Integrating innovation will become the development theme of China's home decoration industry in the future

With the advent of the Internet era, the consumption mode of home decoration has also undergone significant changes. The standardized process of traditional home decoration can no longer meet consumer needs, and the new consumption mode lies in experiential, personalized, and lifestyle experiences. What disruptive innovations will the entire home furnishing industry face under the new consumption model? What kind of cooperation sparks will emerge from the collision between home decoration companies and manufacturers? Recently, representatives from the China Interior Decoration Association, China's first tier home decoration enterprises, and home decoration enterprises gathered in Chengdu to attend a home decoration industry chain innovation summit. This summit was guided by the China Real Estate Industry Association and the China Interior Decoration Association, co hosted by the China Housing Assembly Technology Research Institute and Sina Home Furnishing. Experts such as Miao Leru, Vice President of the China Real Estate Industry Association, and Zhang Weimin, Chief Engineer of the China Architecture Research Institute CSP, attended the event. Leaders of leading brand enterprises in home furnishing, home decoration, and integrated services from all over the country participated in the event. At the summit forum, discussions were held on topics such as "The Future Road of Decoration" and "The Trend of Prefabricated Decoration". The keynote speeches and ideological exchanges were full of goods, and the business logic of the home decoration industry was reorganized. It was pointed out that after the rapid development period ended and entered the stage of differentiation and personalization, how to capture the consumption trajectories of different markets through massive big data and formulate corresponding strategies, Advance ambush on the consumption path and provide "one step ahead" services to the market. Height determines perspective, depth determines attitude, and the perspectives and thoughts of speakers and forum guests have made over 400 attendees feel the new possibilities for the future of China's home decoration industry.

The predecessor of the "China Home Decoration Industry Chain Innovation Summit" is the "China Home Decoration Business Model Innovation Summit", which has been held consecutively in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. In response to the problems faced by the Chinese home decoration industry and the future development direction, many constructive suggestions have been put forward. This summit, which has settled in Southwest China for the first time, sends a signal that integrated innovation will be the development theme of China's home decoration industry in the future. As a home decoration field closely related to the development of real estate, there is still great room for growth. In the new round of consumption upgrading represented by personalized and high-quality consumption, the home decoration industry in the Southwest region has opened up a more integrated development path that is closer to market demand through years of understanding of the mass consumer market. However, in the era of customized reception and fragmentation communication, information radiation has broken away from the geographical restrictions, and the situation of "one recruit eats all the fresh" in the traditional business logic no longer exists. The integration of various sectors and the communication between various links are particularly important at present. Against the backdrop of the new policy of making clear water houses history, it will directly affect the development direction of the home decoration industry. The existing business model needs to be adjusted accordingly, and the breadth and depth of resource utilization need to be correspondingly increased. The heads of the China Interior Decoration Association and the Real Estate Industry Association stated in an interview that the integration within the industry, cross industry alliances, and mobilization of resources from the entire society are the only way for the Chinese home decoration industry to break the existing pattern and achieve quantitative to qualitative change under the new situation. The convening of this summit marks the development of China's home decoration industry, guided by national industrial policies, towards personalization, intensification, and differentiation. The business logic under the new situation will provide the core driving force for the industry to take off again.

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Integrating innovation will become the development theme of China's home decoration industry in the future

With the advent of the Internet era, the consumption mode of home decoration has also undergone significant changes, and the standardized process of traditional home decoration can no longer meet consumer needs

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